I am passionate about RESTORATION.

As a pastor, there is no greater joy than becoming friends with a person who is down and out, helping them find hope through a relationship with Jesus and then walking beside them as He transforms their lives from the inside out. No matter what tragedies a person has faced or how many things they have done wrong, the God and creator of the universe desires to restore and rehabilitate.

This passion for restoration overflows into many aspects of my life. It is so fulfilling to take other peoples’ junk and repurpose it for a new life. My little hobby is fun and rewarding, but it doesn’t compare to what Christ can do for each and every one of us.

Take a look at three café tables I recently
made out of old barn boards and scrap wood:


Wood donated from a friend


Cut to random widths for the table tops


Plywood bottom glued & screwed to the boards


Before sanding & finishing


Table edges were finished with a wood veneer.
Created the weathered wood effect by smearing
the wood with a cloth that was dipped 
in acetone
and black paint. Sealed with a polyurethane

and legs screwed on. ($3.50 each from Ikea)