How Much Does Neurofeedback Cost?


Initial Intake Session: $150

qEEG Brain Map: $600

Discounts are offered for subsequent brain maps, for those wanting to check on their progress after a series of neurofeedback sessions.

Individual Neurofeedback Sessions: $150

Discounted In-Office Neurofeedback Packages

10 pack/ $1250

20 pack/ $200

mans brain waves
Woman doing neurofeedback


All at home neurofeedback sessions are conducted through an app on a smartphone or tablet. For those who are self-motivated, this is a cost effective and convenient way to train. The therapist monitors the client’s progress remotely and sets the protocols for each training session. Clients are required to purchase a personal neurofeedback device that connects to smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth. Clients are able to train as frequently as every 24 hours, which allows them to reach their desired goals faster.

Initial Intake Session: $150

qEEG Brain Map: $600 (must be done in person)

Neurofeedback Device: $300 (one-time purchase)

Monthly Subscription: $600

Insurance Reimbursement

We are out of network with insurance but clients who have out of network benefits are able to submit receipts (super bills) to insurance for reimbursement.

Remote, Self-led Neurofeedback is not reimbursable through insurance.



In-Person neurofeedback sessions with a therapist  РCPT Code 90837
In-Person neurofeedback sessions with a technician – CPT Code 90901


Recording eeg, digital analysis, evaluation and report – CPT Codes 95816, 95957, and 96132

Most insurance companies will not cover a qEEG unless it is for epilepsy. We prefer to use the CPT code 96132 for neuropsychological testing & reporting.


Insurance Coverage Documents For Reference

BCBS of North Carolina 

Anthem BCBS


Aetna’s Policy on qEEG Brain Maps (only reimburse for epilepsy)